Chapter 2. The Kst Tutorial

Table of Contents

Creating plots from the Command-line
Creating plots with the Data Wizard
The Basics of Plot Manipulation
A Brief Overview of Data Objects


Welcome to Kst! In a few minutes, you will be on your way to exploring the rich features of this plotting and data manipulation package. Here are just some of the tasks you can accomplish using Kst:

  • Quickly plot multiple graphs using only the command-line.

  • Analyze data using an extensive set of tools including histograms, power spectra, and custom equations.

  • Effortlessly zoom in and out of interesting areas of plots using either the mouse or keyboard

  • Monitor live streaming data using Kst's real-time plotting capabilities.

This tutorial covers the basics of installing, running, and working with Kst. You are invited to further investigate any features at any time. All features are documented in the rest of this Handbook.