Chapter 4. Saving and Printing

Table of Contents

Saving and Exporting
Session Files
Exporting Vectors
Printing Tabs
Exporting Tabs

Saving and Exporting

Kst provides various methods of saving and exporting data and plots. These methods are described below.

  • Session Files: A capture of the entire Kst session can be saved for future use.

  • Exporting Vectors: The numerical values of one or more vectors can be written out to an ASCII file.

  • Printing Tabs: One or more of the current tabs can be printed.

  • Exporting Tabs: One or more of the current tabs can be saved to an image file (eg, a png or svg file).

  • Copy Tab Image: A bitmap image of the current tab contents can be saved to the clipboard for pasting into an other application by Selecting Copy Tab Image from the Edit. The image will have the dimensions (in pixels) of the tab in the kst window.