Session Files


Selecting Save or Save As from the File menu will save the state of the current kst session. By default, these session files have the extensions .kst. If this session file is opened later, the state of kst, including the loading of all data files, and the saving of all plots will be returned to the state when it was saved.


Session files are loaded by:

  • Selecting Open from the File menu.

  • Selecting one of the session files in the Recent Sessions submenu in the File menu.

  • Selecting one of the sessions listed at the bottom of the File menu.

  • using the commend line. For example:

    kst2 sessionfile.kst


There are a few details to be aware of with sessions files:

  • Data read from data source files are not embedded in the kst session file. Instead, the file name and frame ranges are stored, and when the session is loaded, the data files are re-loaded from the data source file. If the the data source files have been moved or deleted, then loading will fail. If the contents of the data source files have changed, then the data loaded will be whatever is now in the data file.

  • Vectors which have been created from numpy arrays through the python interface are embedded in the data file, so reloading the session reloads the vectors that have been copied through pyKst.

  • When a session file is loaded, the current session is cleared.

  • When a session file is loaded, the undo stack is cleared.