Printing Tabs

Printing works as expected.

To print, select Print... from the File menu. A system print dialog will be displayed. By default, all tabs will be printed.

If the OS supports it, the plots can be exported here to a pdf file. Otherwise, you can use the Exporting Tabs option described in the next section to export to a pdf file.

Each page will be rescaled to fit whatever page size and orientation has been selected. The scaling and resizing rules are the same when a Kst window is resized. If the page is the same size as has been set as the Reference view size (under Scaling in the Kst Settings dialog, selected by Configure Kst from the Settings menu), then the fonts will all have the sizes they have been set to in the various dialogs. If the selected print size is larger or smaller than this, then the fonts will be also be proportionally larger or smaller.