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Kst - Sample Data

In this section you will find links to sample data you can use freely to learn kst.
The files used in the screenshots and video tutorials sections are mostly made using the data files below, so that you can replay them locally on your computer.


NetCDF is a widely-used, efficient and well structured file format.

You can find a number of sample netCDF files on the following page: example netCDF files, including the file used for a lot of the screenshots.


To illustrate the flexibility of Kst in handling various file formats, we provide a couple of sample files using different conventions:

  • Some metadata in the header including field names. 2 similar files are provided to experiment with the "change data file" tool
  • Pure data (Kst will call the vectors "Column1", "Column2", etc...) from a gyrometer: 3 vectors x 200 000 samples (gzipped, please uncompress before using)
  • One large file (zipped) to experience for yourself the performance of Kst (coming soon)

Dirfile (getdata library)

Warning: to be able to read those files, Kst needs to have support for the dirfile format, provided by the getdata library.

Dirfiles are collections of binary files ordered with a pre-defined structured, which are storage-efficient and fast to read. They are widely used in astronomy, for example in the experiments of the Department of Astronomy at the University of Toronto.

Available samples:

  • (Coming soon)

Image files

You can load any format supported by Qt (that is, most current bitmap formats) to use its components as a matrix, from which you can then create color maps and/or contour maps. Some examples:

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have links to more interesting files.

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