Extensive html documentation for kst is available within kst. Choose Kst Handbook from the Help menu. It will be customized for your version of kst, and is available in several languages (if they are installed on your system)

The most recent version of the Kst Handbook is also available online, as either a pdf file (~5MB) or in html. KstScript documentation is also available online.


Bug reports and feature requests are best directed to the KDE bugzilla. A simple wizard makes it easy to submit bugs. Check the list of open kst bugs before submitting a new bug, please.

Other comments or issues should be directed to the kst mailing list: This list is primarily used by kst developers, but may be used by users as well. Subscription and archive info is available from the kde kst mailing list page. Browsing the list archives may be the best way to see if your issue has been discussed before.

Other stuff

Mini tutorials (Flash based) are available:

HOWTOs of various sorts:

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