General Kst features:

  • Fast real-time display and manipulation of streaming data
  • Quick zooming and scrolling via mouse and keyboard
  • Extensible via plugins
  • Built-in high-speed equation interpreter
  • Multiple tabs or windows
  • Graphical plot layout manager
  • Drag and drop
  • Cut and paste
  • Native power spectrum algorithm and histograms
  • Image and matrix support, including waterfall plots
  • Support for the most popular data formats.
    • Plugin design allows additional formats
  • Time input
  • Built-in ELOG functionality
  • Printing, including to images, postscript, and PDF

Kst 1 features:

  • KstScript, an ECMAScript based scripting language capable of interacting with and extending kst in virtually every way
  • Command-line and RPC control mechanisms
  • Data formats:
    • ASCII, Dirfile, CDF, netCDF, piolib, FITS, HEALPix, QImage

Future release roadmap:

  • Kst 1.10.x continues support for KDE 3.x

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