Class: Equation

Class: Equation

This object represents an equation object in Kst. It is interpreted using Kst's internal equation interpreter, and not the JavaScript interpreter. It should be considerably faster than the JavaScript interpreter.

Inherits: DataObject

Collection class: EquationCollection



Equation ( string equation, Vector xVector [, boolean interpolate] )

  • string equation - The text of the equation to interpret.

  • Vector xVector - The X axis (input) vector to use. The symbolic variable x; represents the value at the current index in this vector. A text string representing the name of an existing vector may also be used here.

  • boolean interpolate - If true, the equation interpreter will interoplate to the highest resolution vector. This is the default behavior. [OPTIONAL]

The default constructor to create an equation object.

Equation ( string equation, number x0, number x1, number n )

  • string equation - The text of the equation to interpret.

  • number x0 - The first value of the generated X (input) vector.

  • number x1 - The last value of the generate X (input) vector.

  • number n - The number of values in the generated input vector.

A utility constructor which generates an X vector implicitly.

string equation

The text of the equation. See the Kst documentation for more information on what the internal equation interpreter supports.

boolean valid [Read-Only]

True if the equation object is valid. If false, any values obtained from the yVector should be considered meaningless.

Vector xVector [Read-Only]

The X vector (input vector) for the equation.

Vector yVector [Read-Only]

The Y vector (output vector) for the equation.


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