Appendix C. Troubleshooting

Table of Contents

Clearing Defaults
The Debug Dialog

Unfortunately, things can sometimes go wrong with Kst. This section lists some things that can be useful to unbreak things.

Clearing Defaults

For convenience reasons, Kst makes aggressive use of sticky defaults - that is to say, Kst will generally remember what you did last time, and make that the new default behaviour. Unfortunately, this can sometimes leave the program in an odd state where the assumptions it is making make no sense. This most often happens with files and file defaults.

If you find that Kst has broken for you (that is, something that used to work no longer does), bad defaults is a pretty plausible explanation (though we do keep trying to track these situations down and remove them). You can completely restore Kst to it's default, just-installed configuration by selecting Clear datasource settings and Clear settings and defaults from the Settings menu. Unfortunately, this will erase all of your settings and defaults, but it may be necessary in some cases. If the problem seems to have something to do with data files, try Clear datasource settings first because it is generally less destructive and more likely to help.