Kst - Benchmarks

To demonstrate the outstanding performance of Kst, we could mention some facts:

  • Some people are using Kst to look at 48 live channels of 100 Hz streaming data, including PSDs
  • Some have reported plotting vectors with ca. 3 million points and associated histograms and PSDs, and Kst remains responsive
  • In large experiments, the number of sample points stored exceeded INT_MAX (ca 2 billion points). They were not all plotted, though!

But even better are actual benchmarks, which we are planning to conduct and document here. The following tools are being considered, if you want to see other freely-available tools or are willing to provide them, just contact us. And no, please don't ask about Excel. It has too many and too low hard limits (e.g. 65 000 lines, who can do serious work with that?)

  • Matlab
  • Qtiplot
  • SciDavis
  • Grace
  • LabPlot

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